LACP Library

Photo by Aline Smitshon


LACP’s Book Library features over 600 photography books. Members are permitted to check out five books at a time for a two-week period.

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We are always looking for new opportunities to offer to our Members. Thanks to our dear friend Ron Gershman, LACP now has an enviable photo library. Ron has been collecting beautiful photography books throughout his life and decided that books were meant to be shared, instead of sitting alone in his home, so he has donated 350 of the most outstanding photo books, monographs from A-Z. This is in addition to other books donated by Aline Smithson and Julia Dean.

“I spent years compiling this collection and it is something I truly cherished. But it bothered me that having created it, it now just sat there being of little to no value to anyone and it just seemed such a waste. It is a nice compendium of the great works and great masters of the this art form as well as some interesting but really obscure creative talents. But libraries exist for the public and a school is the most perfect home where its value is most useful and most appreciated. So I too am very grateful to [LACP] for providing such a meaningful final destination.” Ron Gershman
A letter from Sam Abell (National Geographic photographer and LACP instructor) to Julia Dean, executive director
“I don’t live in Los Angeles and can’t make use of Ron’s gift of books. But I would make deep and continual use of his collection if I did live there. Please pass on to Ron my appreciation for what he has done for the photographers of Los Angeles. One of the truths about books is that they have a life of their own and one never knows what that life will be. It’s a small world. Books make it a bigger one. Ron’s gift is priceless because it’s lasting and will have consequences for photographers that none of us can predict.