Sell Your Photography on Artsy!


Artsy is huge online marketplace for art. The platform has over a million registered users and 2.2 million monthly visitors. Many well established galleries use for their online sales.

How it Works

If you would like to sell your work on Artsy through LACP, LACP will take 40% commission on all sales, plus a 3% processing fee. You will be responsible for professionally printing and shipping your work to the buyer. We will contact you with the buyers name and address. You will be reimbursed for all shipping and packaging costs.

Who is Eligible

This opportunity is open to all of our current Members, however the work submitted to ARTSY should be work that has been selected for professional exhibitions or that has sold already. Please be prepared to professionally print your work on archival paper (or pay to have someone print it for you) and to package and ship your work to a buyer. Your printing costs should be included in the price of the work.

Pay applicable fee below. You MUST be a Member of LACP to be on Artsy. The initial cost for the first year showcasing your work on Artsy will be:
$100 for 5 images
$200 for 10 images
$325 for 20 images

Numer of images

Additional years will cost less –
$50 for 5 images
$100 for 10 images
$150 for 20 images

(For now, we are limiting the amount of images to 20, but after one year, you may increase the images you have on the site.)

Please email your images and information to

You must include the following information:

Your name, as you would like it to be listed (Jane L. Doe or just Jane Doe).

Your Jpgs sized at 1000 x 1000 pixels (Image files should have a file size less than 30mb).
Please name your files with your LastName_Titleofwork.jpg
Please ensure filenames do not include periods other than in the filetype extension. No quotation marks, commas, dollar signs, spaces, or other symbols.
Information for each image should be emailed to Sarah:

* Information Required to publish your work
Medium type*
Dimensions* (image can be listed for sale in different sizes for no additional charge). List image size, not paper size in inches
Price*(if you have more than one size, please list edition and price for each)
If this is part of a series you want listed:
Is this an editioned work? If so,

Size of edition?
How many works are you selling from this edition?

If you have proofs for sale too, how many proofs do you have available?

For example:

Jane L. Doe
Trees on Fire
Series: Lonely Days and Nights
archival digital print
11″ x 14″
edition of 10
10 available

also available
16″ x 20″
edition of 6
6 available

20″ x 30″
edition of 3
2 available

If you are not sure how to price your work, look on Artsy for artists you know and see what their work is selling for. Local galleries on Artsy include Susan Spiritus, dnj Gallery and Fabrik Projects Gallery.

You’re done! Once you have completed the two steps above, we will confirm receipt and load your images on Artsy’s website. A link will be sent to you within 3-4 weeks for review.


Please email for more information