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To Be Published or Self-Publish? With Mary Virginia Swanson (Webinar)

The print-on-demand revolution as well as an increasing number of small presses interested in photography titles has opened up new publishing possibilities for artists. In this informative and richly illustrated presentation, Mary Virginia Swanson will demystify the process of making a photo book from the perspectives of traditional trade, small press, and self-publishing paths, helping participants determine the pros/cons of each.

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The Simplicity and Complexity of Publishing a Photography Book: Should I Publish My Book (now)? with Melanie McWhorter (Webinar) – Oct 15

The decision to publish a photography book and the book itself can be as complex or as simple as the artist may make it. The search for the ideal object for your photography should prompt a personal discussion that ranges from pragmatic to the philosophical - the process can be exciting and/or daunting and the earlier considerations should bring up many questions to ponder before setting out on the journey.

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