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Amy Kanka Valadarsky – Featured LACP Member, September 2016

Artist Statement by Amy Kanka Valadarsky Between Here and Then “Between Here and Then” poses questions about our identity as human beings and the interplay of genetics, circumstances and free will in making us what we are. When I started Between Here and Then I wanted to preserve and honor the memory of the people […]

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Sebastian Spader ? Featured LACP Member, July 2016

Artist Statement by Sebastian Spader ?WONDERING? is a photographic book project on black & white film exploring unique individuals and their environments through uninformed juxtaposition. The collection of 79 images was shot between 2009 and 2014 in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Lockhart, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Zurich, and a few odd places somewhere in […]

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Norman Schwartz ? Featured LACP Member, June 2016

Artist Statement by Norman Schwartz My devotion to photography as a passionate hobby began about five years ago. Through street photography, I seek to capture the humor, the beauty, the chaos, the emotions or the serenity of a moment in time. Most often I hide in plain view capturing random subjects I have never met […]

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Lisa Guerriero – Featured LACP Member, May 2016

Artist Statement INSIDE URBAN AMERICA Lisa Guerriero emigrated from Montreal to the suburbs of Los Angeles in the early 70’s. Every summer of her childhood her parents packed up the car and went on vacation. Visiting places, such as San Francisco, South Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas. Staying in a variety of modest 1950s motels […]

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Gina Cholick ? Featured LACP Member, April 2016

Artist Statement Inquietude I?m of a generation taught to follow my dreams, which is a beautiful and seemingly liberating concept. For me, life without constraints causes anxiety. I want to be and do everything. Within this infinity of choice, I freeze. Instead of taking action, hours are spent in an internal struggle. I visualize multiple […]

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Eric Politzer ? Featured LACP Member, March 2016

Artist Statement “?OUT! The Transformistas of Havana? is a celebration of performers, both gay men and MTF transgenders, in the gay cabarets of Havana. It celebrates their individuality, creativity, theatricality and, most importantly, their sense of confidence in who they are as individuals and their pride in being members of a larger community. The project […]

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Dotan Saguy ? Featured LACP Member, February 2016

Artist Statement Dotan Saguy is a Los Angeles based photographer born in Israel and raised in Paris, France. Dotan studied photojournalism at Santa Monica College and has attended advanced street photography workshops led by award winning photographers. Dotan?s work to date focuses on black and white street scenes of Los Angeles and his native Paris. […]

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