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Cyanotype: Wet and Traditional with Jill Enfield (Online Learning – Six Sessions)

We will start with learning how to make digital negatives and move on to making cyanotypes on watercolor paper or fabric. We will also explore working with photogram materials to use with wet cyanotypes and then toning. Discussions will be on best images, paper, fabrics, and differences in chemical dilutions as well as toners.

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Introduction to Canon Media Configuration Tool 1.8.1 (Mac version) with Eric Joseph (Online Learning – One Session)

Owning a Canon image Prograf Pro Series Printer affords one the unique ability to take control over your Media Type Files and customize them for more streamlined printing workflow. The core of the Canon Media Configuration Tool is the AM1X file which is a proprietary Canon file containing Media Type and ICC profile information. This course will demonstrate how to use this program.

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