The members of LACP’s advisory board provide the organization professional insight, contributing their experience and skills to help LACP succeed and realize its mission and goals. The advisory board offers feedback as needed on strategic processes and projects. Members lend their creativity, expertise and connections periodically to the organization, serving as LACP ambassadors in their respective professional spaces.


Ali LeRoi, American television producer, director, writer, actor and photographer
Ann Elliott Cutting, Fine art photographer and Educator
Art Streiber, Entertainment photographer, LACP’s 1st Stieglitz Award Winner
Bernd Reinhardt, Cinematographer
Chris Davies, Fabrik Magazine
George Baker
Gil Garcetti, Photographer
Greg Gorman, Celebrity portrait photographer
Ibarionex Perello, Photographer, Educator, Producer of The Candid Frame
Marissa Roth, Photographer and Educator
Mark Edward Harris, Photographer, Writer, and Educator
Matthew Rolston, Photographer, Videographer
Mitch Dobrowner, Fine art photographer
Peter Fetterman, Peter Fetterman Gallery
Sam Abell, Former National Geographic photographer and educator
Victoria Burns