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Featured image for post Ann Mitchell

August 2019

Ann Mitchell

Ann Mitchell is a photographer known for using the medium in an expressive and poetic manner. After completing a BFA in Photography from Art Center College of Design, she worked as an award-winning advertising and editorial photographer for over a decade. She then returned to school to complete a MFA...

Featured image for post Lisa Levine

July 2019

Lisa Levine

Lisa Levine is an artist who, in recent years, has been working in the area of public art, creating large scale commissioned artworks for public spaces through her company Counterpoint Studio. She has been commissioned to create works for university campuses, hospitals, public transit, recreational facilities as well as private...

Featured image for post Joan Haseltine

June 2019

Joan Haseltine

Joan Haseltine is relatively new to photography, having purchased her first camera 4 years ago. After a career on Wall Street and raising two children she began her pursuit of a more creative lifestyle. With a new camera in hand and many classes from LAPC she has begun a journey...

Featured image for post Jane Olin

May 2019

Jane Olin

Jane Olin has worked as a photographer in California’s Monterey Bay area for over twenty-five years. Living at the epicenter for the West Coast photography movement, she learned the skills of straight photography from the assistants and students of Ansel Adams, and alternative methods in numerous photographic workshops. Olin works with...

Featured image for post France Leclerc

April 2019

France Leclerc

France Leclerc, born in Quebec, Canada, is an independent photographer who currently lives in Chicago. Her early career was in academia, teaching at MIT and the University of Chicago, but in 2005 she decided to make a change to pursue her true passion for documentary photography. But the curiosity and...

Featured image for post Diana Nicholette Jeon

March 2019

Diana Nicholette Jeon

Diana Nicholette Jeon was awarded her MFA in Imaging and Digital Art from the University of Maryland at Baltimore County in 2006. Jeon’s work has been exhibited extensively in the United States, Canada and Europe; venues include the Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (Rovereto), the Griffin Museum, the Honolulu...

Featured image for post Eric Davidove

February 2019

Eric Davidove

Eric Davidove was born in Hollywood, California and now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is passionate about making Street, Documentary, and Travel Photography. Many of Eric’s photos have been curated into international and national competitive exhibitions, and some have won awards and have been published. Check out...

Featured image for post Alexandra DeFurio

January 2019

Alexandra DeFurio

Alexandra DeFurio is a Los Angeles-based portrait and fine art photographer. Her personal work is inspired by curiosity, adventure and a drive to uncover beauty even in unconventional spaces. Her credits include photographing seven published cookbooks, sixteen teen celebrity covers for Dream magazine including Ariana Grande and Zendaya, and photographs...

Featured image for post Norman Schwartz

October 2018

Norman Schwartz

In 2006, Norman Schwartz began capturing alluring photographic images incorporating his fascination with people and minute detail developed during his professional careers as a graduate engineer and attorney. Dr. Schwartz studied photography in community colleges and the extension school at UCLA where he was awarded first place in a student...

Featured image for post JP Terlizzi

September 2018

JP Terlizzi

JP Terlizzi is a visual storyteller who uses photography to explore themes of memory, relationship, and identity. Drawing inspiration from his personal experiences he captures moments that convey narratives—whether the story is a framed moment that reveals something about family and home, or a poetic interpretation of a fading reality,...

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