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Member of the Month

Featured image for post John D. Elliott

May 2017

John D. Elliott

John uses a Mamiya 645 film camera for much of his black-and-white work, although in the past five years he has also been working with the full-frame Nikons.  Many of his monochrome gallery images were printed traditionally, and selenium toned. John is a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. State...

Featured image for post Lori Pond

April 2017

Lori Pond

My photography mirrors Buddhist Dogen Zenji’s quote: “Nothing in the entire universe is hidden.” I use a myriad of processes and cameras (film, video, digital, wet plate collodion, iPhone) to uncover both physical and emotional landscapes. I challenge the viewer to see beyond instinctual fear and question what is “real”...

Featured image for post Andy House

March 2017

Andy House

Since I was a little boy, I dreamed of traveling “around the world” to learn about and get to know people and places that were mysterious to me.  There was a time, in the midst of raising a family and building a career, I feared that dream might be out...

Featured image for post Hsin Tai Liu

January 2017

Hsin Tai Liu

Hsin-Tai has spent most of his life as a classical pianist, but has become a photographer in recent years. Hsin-Tai has been recognized for his extraordinary talents as a performer and instructor. He has competed in many international competitions, and won the first Place Award in the L. A. International...

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