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Both Sides of the Table: Photography Portfolio Reviews Do’s & Don’ts with Debe Arlook and Eric Kunsman (Webinar)

Debe Arlook and Eric Kunsman created a collaborative book that helps demystify photography portfolio reviews. The book comprises a series of 25 interview questions presented to 22 portfolio reviewees (photographers), 22 portfolio reviewers, and five portfolio review organizers. In this webinar, we will present essential information from the book that benefits participants on both sides of the table.*

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Alchemical: The Rise of the Fine Art Photography Market and What We’re Seeing Today with Jennifer Stoots (Webinar)

In this beautifully illustrated presentation, certified photography appraiser and photo historian Jennifer Stoots, AAA, will provide a succinct review of the evolution of the fine art photography market in the United States. Stoots will start the webinar off with a brief overview of the evolution of the art market in Europe, plus the motivations of invention and the birth of the photo industry.

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Artificial Intelligence in Your Photographic Practice: Everything You’ll Love and Loathe in 2025 and Beyond with Jeff Phillips (Webinar)

It's been two years since Midjourney and ChatGPT first commanded our attention — once again unleashing far-fetched speculation about the imminent demise of photography. With an open mind and a sharp focus on advancing our arts practices, this lively session provides an overview of what's next for Photography in 2025 and beyond. 

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