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Documenting the Family with Thomas Alleman (Online Learning – Six Sessions)

This six-session, six-month course is designed for students who’re at least advanced beginners, actively photographing their families or intending to begin soon. Each session will include critiques of students’ work, as well as a lecture that’ll feature examples from books and portfolios created by other family photographers.

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Creative Portraiture with Ken Merfeld (Online Learning – Six Sessions)

This six-week workshop will begin to explore the world of portraiture, the basics of natural and artificial lighting, and the psychology of dealing with people in front of your camera. Lighting equipment and light-altering tools will be discussed and demonstrated, with weekly assignments given and critiqued, and student portfolios reviewed.

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The Next Step: Presenting Your Work to the Fine Art Market with Aline Smithson (Online Learning – Six Sessions)

This workshop will help demystify the fine art market with lectures on editions and pricing to presentation and installation. It will also be an honest look at how the roadmap to success has changed and the importance of taking charge of your career is critical. Most importantly, we will craft elevated written materials to accompany your work.

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Contemporary Fine Art Photography: Discovering Your Voice with Susan Burnstine (Online Learning – Five Sessions)

Contemporary fine art photography transforms ideas into images, and images into a voice. The photographer acts as a channel to which this progression can evolve. This course will investigate this process and use of photography as a tool for individual expression.

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