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Working the Streets: Street Photography Basics with Ibarionex Perello (Hybrid Learning – Six Sessions)

This is a course that guides you how to creative a personal approach to creating photography in public, otherwise known as street photography. Ibarionex walks you through how he developed his personal approach to street photography and how it allows him to create a wide variety of imagery.? 

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Introduction to Adobe Lightroom Classic with Rollence Patugan (Online Learning – 12 Sessions)

This workshop focuses on the most essential workflow and developing features of the Adobe Lightroom Classic with the needs of the photographer in mind. Students will learn how to import, sort, organize and enhance their digital images, as well as batch process groups of images, quickly and efficiently.

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Seeing the Self: Storytelling Through Self-Portraiture with Cinthya Silverstein (Online Learning – One Session)

Explore the art of self-portraiture in a workshop that engages with this practice to consider how reclaiming our own visual narrative can support embodying ourselves more intentionally. During the workshop we will discuss the importance of creating our own narratives as we bring our visual selves into being, make a series of self-portraits and sit with each other to discuss the process.

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