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Expand Your Vision For Creative Image Making Through The Use Of Multiple Exposure with Manuela Thames (Online Learning – Six Sessions)

The practice of using multiple exposures to create a single image can bring dreamlike, surreal and otherworldly qualities to photography and expands the possibilities for imagination and vision.  Fine-art photographer Manuela Thames demonstrates methods that can be applied to all genres, from portraits and landscapes to abstract and still life.

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Unlocking the Magic: The Basics of Exceptional Infrared Photography with Laurie Klein and Shelley Vandegrift (Online Learning – Four Sessions)

Infrared Photography allows us to see a world that doesn't exist, a world where our artistic soul resides. Join us as we talk about the soulfulness of storytelling with infrared. From the basics of getting started to the production of sublime finished images.

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Unlocking AI with Adobe Lightroom Classic with Rollence Patugan (Online Learning – Four Sessions)

Discover the cutting-edge advancements in photo editing with Adobe Lightroom Classic’s latest AI features course. In this dynamic workshop, participants will delve into the innovative tools and techniques powered by artificial intelligence, revolutionizing the way images are enhanced and optimized.

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Basic Photography Part 2 with Rebecca Truszkowski (Online Learning – Six Sessions)

In this sequential class to Basic Photography - Part 1, students will receive reinforcement in the concepts learned from the previous class and push toward the next level of photographic expression. Emphasis will be on image capture while practicing sound technical fundamentals, including camera settings, metering techniques, and white balance selection.

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