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The Los Angeles Center of Photography offers four certificate programs for students seeking a focused and comprehensive course of study. Developed solely and independently by the Los Angeles Center of Photography, the programs are open and revolving, meaning students can enroll at any time throughout the year. No application is required. Eighteen months are given to complete each program. Each student enrolling in a certificate program will receive 25% off their tuition and will become automatic Members of LACP (Bronze level). A one-time candidacy fee of $250 is required to enroll in a certificate program.

The Certificate Programs


General Course of Study

The General Course of Study Certificate Program is designed for the beginner. No experience is necessary. Six classes are required to earn the certificate. For those with little to no photography experience, this certificate is required before moving forward to either the Fine Art or Lighting & Portraiture certificate programs.

Fine Art

The Fine Art Certificate Program stirs creative thought and encourages students to closely examine the meaning or story behind their imagery. Students will explore their personal vision, creating work that will then start or build a portfolio. Seven courses (including two electives) are required to earn the certificate.

Lighting & Portraiture

The Lighting & Portraiture Certificate Program focuses on the technical and creative aspects of using artificial and natural light. Students will study flash technology and the use of strobe equipment, both in the studio and on location. Students will work with models for many of the classes. Seven classes (including two electives) are required to earn the certificate.


The Self-Designed Certificate Program is a non-structured course of study, giving students the flexibility to create their own curriculum, tailored to their interests or specific needs. A minimum of six classes are required to earn the certificate, although students may elect to take up eight classes.

Applying Classes Retroactively

If you have taken one or more classes prior to enrolling in a certificate program and wish to apply them retroactively, you may do so providing the classes are within one year of your certificate program enrollment date. Fees will be determined by calculating the difference between the certificate tuition minus the total amount of class tuition previously paid.

NOTE: Students may NOT apply classes retroactively toward the self-designed certificate program.

How to Enroll

There are no application procedures to enroll in the certificate programs. Students may enroll at any time throughout the year. To enroll in a certificate program, a one-time candidacy fee of $250 is required. After paying the candidacy fee, please refer to the specific certificate page for further information including the cost of each certificate and required coursework.

Refund Policy

Tuition and candidacy fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Candidacy Fee


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